For the birds

Photo by Augustyn BlakeDSCF4043Scandinavia is also a great place for bird watching. These small black birds, Eurasian coots, looked familiar to me because they are quite similar to their congener the American coot. The Eurasian coot (Fulica atra) is currently being used in some very cool research about genetic triggers of immune responses:


Sea in the City

DSCF4408 DSCF4407

Did you know there are canals crisscrossing Copenhagen, Denmark? This provides the opportunity to see a variety of animal visitors right from the city sidewalk, including this jellyfish (Moon jelly?). The brackish water of the canals is less salty than the ocean, but city life may offer some advantages for this jelly. Protected from larger predators like sea turtles that are absent from this environment, this jellyfish is among the top carnivores of the canal.